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Vacationado Property FAQ

Check-in and Check-out


We understand a long day’s travel can be tiring.  For this reason, we leave our guests to arrive peacefully without interruption. 

We are available, but will not contact you or be on location.

Please take all trash to their appropriate exterior cans. 

Please ensure the grill is cleaned if it was used.

Please ensure any items used are put back into its place ie. grill, outdoor furniture, chairs, hoses, games, hammocks, etc.
Please make sure that the doors to the property are locked.

Early and Late Check in/out can be purchased from the Shop Amenities section of the Welcome Email.

Accessing the Property

Two days prior to your trip start you will be supplied with several pieces of property specific information including your access codes to the property itself.


All TVs are setup with a Roku device or are a Smart TV.  This allows for the watching of all streaming media that you participate in (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Etc) as well as many free channels of streaming media. 

Each living room TV is also setup with an antennae to view Network and Local channels (except for the Nature House which is setup with Hulu for Live TV).   There are two ways to access the antennae on the TV, either pick the Antennae App on the home screen or use the TV remote to switch to the input/source to Antennae.

WIFI is available at all properties with hardwired plug ins available if required.  WIFI information is sent with the Access Instructions.  


This is Florida, do not expect more than a 20 degree difference between the outside and inside temperature.  It can take up to an hour per degree in reduction.


Any freezing of units or malfunction due to improper temperature setting will be charged back to the guest.

All properties are equipped with WIFI enabled thermostats that have minimum AC settings of 72 degrees, if you have issues adjusting the settings please contact us. Do not take apart or remove from the wall to reprogram.


Please keep all doors and windows shut if using the air conditioner. If there is condensation on the windows the A/C is set to low or there is an open door or window.


Some of the properties are on a well and septic.  


For any property on a well the water is processed through a 3- tier whole house filtration device to remove all possible contaminants including a filter for tannins prior to being softened and then sent to the house. Once in the house there is an additional mini all house filter attached to the refrigerator water functionality which includes a UV filter. The water may come out cloudy, that is simply the filtration process bubbles and the water will settle.

Please consider all houses to be on septic and use only septic safe toilet paper.  Do not put baby wipes, feminine products, or food down any drains or toilets.  If a clog is caused by such items, the costs of a plumber will be passed on to the guest. 


AMI Beach Shack - Two vehicle maximum per unit, no RVs, campers, or trailers.

AMI Tree House - Two vehicle maximum per unit, no RVs, campers, or trailers.

The Nature House - Parking is available on the North side of the house, next to the well house and AC.

The Rail House - Parking is available for two vehicles on the Northeast side of the property accessible via E Benthal Ct.

The Shiny Crab - Parking is available in the front of the house.  There is enough space in the back for additional vehicles or a boat


Each Property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guest stays, if there is something that is not up to par please let us know. 
Additional cleaning supplies (mop, bucket, vacuum, etc) are located in the Laundry room.

Coffee and various kitchen items

Each Property has a combination coffee maker that will allow for drip or k-cup style coffee to be made.  Spices such as salt, pepper, etc. may be at the property left by other guests but not guaranteed.  Coffee filters and a starter set of coffee is at the house upon arrival.

Cookie pans in particular seem to be used quite often and tend to go missing/get thrown out after hard uses.  If you use the pan and it ends up in bad shape please let us know so that we can ensure a proper one is there for the next guest rather than simply throwing it out.  Please let us know if they are missing and we will get one provided as soon as possible.


Text messaging is not supported: For the fastest response, please email your questions to, or use the messaging platform provided by  the booking site you used to make the reservation.

If this is an Emergency as defined below call 941-306-4737.

Maintenance Emergencies

The specific definition of a maintenance emergency is: an issue that is dangerous, hazardous, or if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your personal well being. 


Emergencies include but are not limited to:
Life Threatening - call 911.
Fire - call 911.
Flood - shut the water off and call 941-306-4737
IMMEDIATE electrical danger - shut off main breaker in breaker box and call 941-306-4737

Once the proper authorities have been notified of an emergency, please contact our office at 941-306-4737

NON Emergency items include:
Heat/Air conditioning
Appliance repair
Clogged Toilet
Clogged Sink

Breaker Boxes and Water Shutoffs

Breakers Boxes and water shutoffs are located in different areas in each property.  

At The Nature house - the breaker box is in the laundry room.  To shut off the water flip breaker 17 to off.

At The Rail House - In Dining Room behind the Laundry Room door

At the AMI Tree House and AMI Beach Shack - the breaker box is in the 2nd bedroom.   The main water lines are at the front of the property towards Ave B north of the large prickly palm tree.

At The Shiny Crab - The main electric box is outside on the south side of the house by the AC unit. There is a second box in the Laundry room.


Each property includes dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, garbage bags, additional cleaning products and a starter supply of paper towels and toilet paper.


Garbage containers are in the kitchen with additional bags under the sink. 

You may find trash in the exterior containers upon arrival as garbage service is only on the scheduled days below.

Please do not leave trash bags outside of an exterior can.

Container location and schedule:

AMI Tree House and AMI Beach Shack

Cans are located to the north of the driveway towards Ave B.  Please leave these cans where they are, service is on Monday and Thursday and the service will come get the cans and put them back where they reside.

Nature House

Cans are left at the road, please do not bring them back towards the house, service is once a week on Wednesday.

The Rail House

Cans are left by the road, service is once a week on Thursday.

The Shiny Crab

Cans are left by the road, service is once a week on Monday.


Each property is setup with a washing machine and dryer in their respective Laundry rooms.  In that laundry room you will also find an iron and ironing board as well as various other supplies.

Beach, Games, Fire pits, and Water Items

Please return all items rinsed off to their original spots after use.

AMI Tree House and Beach Shack - Beach Items are located in the Laundry Room, there are chairs, umbrellas, toys, floats, and a cooler as well as a cart to carry it to the beach.  Beach towels are located in the unit.  There are no fire pits at the house

The Rail house - Chairs and a cooler are located in the Laundry room.  The hammock hanger is located outside, the hammock itself is located in the 2nd Bedroom closet bin with the outdoor game pieces, when you are finished with it please put it back in the 2nd Bedroom closet. Yard games are located in the 2nd Bedroom closet.  The fire pit is located at the back of the property near the shed, please ensure to put the fire out completely after use, there is a hose at the back shed within 10 feet.

The Nature House - Yard games are located in the screen room by the grill.  The firepit is located on the walkway to the house by the hanging swings, please ensure to put the fire out completely after use and empty the firepit, there is a hose on the front shed within 10 feet.  Hammock hangers are located by the deck and the hammocks themselves are located in a plastic bin in the screen room along with the games pieces, when you are finished with them please put back in the screen room in their bin.  The use of Canoes and equipment is free, but they are locked and it does require you to send us a signed a waiver, please ensure to process this before your trip if you intend to use the canoes.  All Lifejackets and  paddles are kept in the screen room.  Please return all Canoes to their stand and life jackets and paddles to their bin in the screen room.  For use please sign the waiver at this URL -


The Shiny Crab - the Firepit is in the backyard and all games are in the game room inside of the house

Baby Items

If you don’t want to travel with baby/child gear, please go to the Welcome Email and click on the Welcome page to shop amenities that can be delivered directly to the property for you. In many cases they will also perform setup for you.

Parents are to properly supervise children at all times. These properties are not  baby/child proofed.  Please do not allow children to eat or drink outside the kitchen and dining areas.


A grill is available at each of the properties. Please ensure to clean the grill after use and ensure that the propane is turned off, uncleaned grills will result in a $50 charge to your security deposit. There are multiple propane tanks at each property if both are out please let us know.


Sheets, comforters, and pillows for each bed or pull out sofa are provided, as are additional sets . They reside in their respective closets.

Bath towels, hand towels, beach towels, and dish towels are provided and extras are on the towel rack in the bathroom or in the Laundry room.

Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms

A Fire Extinguisher is located under or near by the kitchen sink as well as in the Laundry room.

Smoke alarms are located throughout the properties.


Please be mindful of noise, especially after 10pm. Our Vacation Properties have neighbors, some that are vacationing and some that are not. We will not be able to intervene if the authorities are contacted.

General Rules

No smoking inside - outside only, smoking inside will incur a $500 charge.
No events - guests hosting events will be immediately asked to leave and authorities will be notified.
Dogs allowed, must be approved prior to booking - without proper approval guests will be asked to leave. 
Garbage and Pet waste removal is your responsibility - non removal will result in a charge to your security deposit
Obey all noise ordinances, city or county.​

Grills and general equipment (beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, etc) are required to be cleaned or rinsed off - non cleaning will result in a charge of $50 per instance.


When sending for pet approval please include number of pets, breed, age, weight, and require you to agree to the following rules: 
Pets are not allowed on the furniture or bedding. 
Pets cannot be left alone in the unit for extended periods of time. 
Owners must leash pets when outside, unless yard is fenced, and away from property.
All fur must be removed from the property prior to departure. Cleaners will charge us a per hour fee to remove fur which is taken from the security deposit. 
We require owners to have vaccination/licensing paperwork with them.


Service animals do not require a fee or approval, but Emotional Support animals will require this fee, if a Service animal is to be on the trip we will require to know what skill or task the service animal has been trained to perform.


The exterior of the properties are monitored by video surveillance. There are no cameras located inside the physical properties. All properties have Smart Home capabilities where electricity, internet, lighting, and HVAC devices are monitored for usage. Tampering with or altering video surveillance or smart home devices may result in removal from the premises without a refund of unused stay(s).

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